Saturday, June 1, 2013

How Can We Help in Church Marketing?

In today's world, numerous churches have a web site and many have some form of electronic communication program in place. But for many, the results have been disappointing, failing to live up to even modest expectations.

Pathmaker provides the strategic direction and professional services necessary to achieve your desired results. We bring our decades of experience in fundraising for churches and non-profits, online marketing and local promotion to bear on behalf of you and your church.

We offer a wide variety of services that can help you develop a website that gets people to interact with you. Ideas like email campaigns and facebook contests work, but we'll help you go far beyond that! In addition to website design and development, we can help with you strategic planning and consulting to get your entire fundraising effort producing through strategies such as email fundraising, monthly giving online, local advertising for new visitors and churchgoers, online branding and more.

Why not get started now? Contact us today and see how Pathmaker Marketing can help your church find a successful path for your church's online presence and communications. You have nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain, from a simple conversation to talk about your online opportunities.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maintain your Website with Us!

Have you ever seen a twenty-year old house that no one has done anything to after it was completed? Once eye-catching, brightly painted with all the trimmings, it now appears drab and is most forgettable. The roofsags slightly and the windows appear like droopy eyelids, making you wonder if the owner really hasn't noticed what is happening, or just doesn't care.

If not careful, this is what can happen to your Website, and those who view it wonder the same thing - don't you notice what is happening, or do you just not care? Understanding the importance of having a Website that is in tip-top shape, Pathmaker Marketing LLC is pleased and proud to offer our extraordinary Website Maintenance Service.

We are not talking about Web Development, though we do have extremely qualified designers who can build you an "Award Winning Quality Website" should that be your need or desire.
Rather than "builders," here we're talking about a "maintenance crew" dedicated to keeping your Website fresh, new, exciting and unforgettable.

The importance of a Website Maintenance Service can best be appreciated if you liken your Website to a classroom bulletin board. Do you remember how exited you were when you went to school on a Monday morning and noticed that the teacher had put up a fresh bulletin board over the weekend? You were thrilled by the new colors, the new concept, the new message that the bulletin board reflected. That's the way a "regular visitor" to your Website will feel after our staff works its magic on your behalf.

Visit our Pathmaker Marketing LLC today for more details!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Have Excellent Copywriters Who Can Help You Present Your Company in the Best Possible Light.

Pathmaker Marketing LLC is both happy and honored to offer the services of their Copywriters in two specific realms

1. As GHOSTWRITERS - Taking your thoughts and ideas and develop them into coherent pages that will both enlighten and entertain the reader;

2. In the production of MARKETING TOOLS - Assisting you in your efforts to Promote your Business, presenting your company in the very best light.

Listed below are a few ideas as to how you can use their talents and services in each of these two major categories:

To learn how the Pathmaker Marketing LLC writing staff can help you with all of your writing needs, please fill in the form below. You will soon learn that this is absolutely the "write" thing to do!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Schedule Your Free Demo to See Firsthand The Power of Email Fundraising to Generate $$

I still find non profit organizations that are apprehensive about email fundraising. It seems like their concerns sometimes hover around issues like: "Will email cannibalize their snail mail results?" or maybe even more fundamentally, "Will people react negatively to solicitations?" from their non profit through email.

Before April 2008, this client had not been doing any email fundraising. They agreed to let Pathmaker start a monthly email fundraising effort on their behalf that was tied to their monthly snail mail fundraising efforts.

After doing an initial Verify My Email campaign, their email list netted out to 20,000 deliverable names.
Here are the results from our last 13 eAppeals for them:

Thirteen-month Summary:
1,816 gifts = $190,887 gross income generated
(Monthly Averages: 140 gifts for $14,683)

Month-by-month eAppeal Income Summary:

13.          April eAppeal                                    118 gifts                 $10,305
12.          March eAppeal                                  91 gifts                  $11,813
11.          February eAppeal                              69 gifts                  $13,184
10.          January 09 eAppeal                           88 gifts                  $9,521
9.            December eAppeal                          122 gifts                  $23,833
8.            November eAppeal                         161 gifts                  $16,950
7.            October eAppeal                            106 gifts                  $6,853
6.            September eAppeal                        231 gifts                  $17,828
5.            August eAppeal                              199 gifts                  $28,550
4.            July eAppeal                                   112 gifts                  $18,500
3.            June eAppeal                                  139 gifts                  $10,450
2.            May eAppeal                                  138 gifts                  $12,528

1.            April 08 eAppeal                            242 gifts                  $10,572

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Best in Graphic Design

At Pathmaker Marketing LLC we understand that Graphic Design is part Art and part Science. An important aspect of this concept is the fact that there is an "Eye Path” that the Design needs to lead your reader through. Frequently, the "Path” that is employed is an "F Path.” The fact that this is true means that your page’s "Real Estate” has various and different Values. It is imperative that your Designer not only be aware of this, but that they incorporate it into the Design that they create for you.

While your Website certainly needs the attention of talented and experienced Designers like those at Pathmaker Marketing LLC, that is not the only aspect of your business that you should consider using our staff for. Everything from E-Letters to White Pages, from E-Newsletters to Blogs should have the touch of a qualified and talented Designer. In fact, anything and everything you present to the public via the Internet needs to be well Designed.

As can be readily understood, the truth of the matter is you either look professional or you don’t. If your Website, rather than looking professional, looks "rinky dink,” then it stands to reason that your business, too, will appear to be "rinky dink”. Liken it to the design of a car─you can have one of the best performing vehicles in the world but unless it has an appealing design chances are extremely good that no one will even get behind the wheel!
To learn how, exactly, you and your Company can benefit from our talented Graphic Artists, you need to contact Pathmaker Marketing LLC to schedule a private phone conversation with CEO Randall Mains as quickly as possible. After all, you will want to look like a million as soon as possible!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Executive Brand Management: What’s in it for You?

Have you GOOGLED yourself lately? My good friend Floyd Allen did and found out he was a convicted killer in Virginia and the Project Manager for the Detroit Medical Center for Legal Activities. In reality he’s neither - - he’s an author in Phoenix, Arizona! Yet, if someone GOOGLES him that is what they will learn. The question is, what will people find out if they GOOGLE you?

While the results can be mildly amusing, as it was for Floyd to discover he was a convicted killer, the humor immediately evaporates when your name is the very basis for the success of your Business or Ministry. Whether you have a common name, or simply one that is the same as someone with less than a stellar reputation, people who may be contemplating doing business with you or supporting your ministry may think twice about it if they GOOGLE you and learn unsavory facts about you - - even if it’s not you they are actually reading about.

Fortunately, PATHMAKER MARKETING LLC can help you alleviate this problem through Executive Brand Management Online. As alluded to earlier, this is a vital service for anyone whose status directly affects the status of their Business or Ministry. If you are the spokesperson/persona of your livelihood, you want to make sure that when someone runs a GOOGLE SEARCH that they find the real you!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We Will Help You Succeed in a Flash!

In a day and age when the whole world seeks Entertainment in all they do, we at Pathmaker Marketing LLC can help you ensure that your Website is as Entertaining as it is Informative. And, we make sure that the Entertainment is far more than for Entertainment alone! By using the ubiquitous FLASH program, we allow visitors to your Website to actually become involved in your site, making it virtually Interactive in nature!

As you undoubtedly know, FLASH is the computer program that provides Dynamic Motion and historically has been included on 99% of all PCs. Developed to help eliminate a totally "static” situation on your Website, it uses either Java Scripting or Videos to enhance your Website. FLASH gives a site great motion, as is demonstrated by a site we recently developed:

It stands to reason that something that is done professionally is more appealing and effective than something accomplished by amateurs. We can assure you that there are no more talented and experienced professionals in the realm of FLASH than those at Pathmaker Marketing LLC. With a keen eye to the aesthetics of FLASH, we are more tuned into the functionality and effectiveness of your Website than simply how good it looks!